Just The Spot Reflexology

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About The Treatment

All treatments can either be performed in the comfort of your own home or in my treatment area, whilst seated in a comfortable reclining reflexology chair.  


Please allow an hour and a half for the first consultation, as a detailed review of your medical history and lifestyle will be taken prior to the treatment. This will pinpoint areas in the treatment that need to be focussed on.


During the treatment, some areas of your feet may be sensitive to the touch.  Please make me aware of this at the time of treatment, as this may pinpoint areas that need to be concentrated on.


I prefer a firm touch treatment, although if you would like me to be more gentle, please let me know before the treatment starts!


Following each treatment, it is recommended that you:


- Drink plenty of water

- Not plan any strenuous activities

- Eat a light diet

- Avoid alcohol


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